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July 14, 2023 Sag River Extreme Cold Research Facility, Alaska. On October 6th, the agents receive the usual summons: “Special delivery requires pick-up. Unit 798, Eastside Industrial.” Within the unit, the door April 29, 2023 Haystack, Oregon. An adventure for Delta Green. I’m running it using Violence. You could run this for any modern paranormal game with a little work: mostly replacing March 31, 2023 Lime The Swallowports stud the Dislinear Curve upon the hubward edge of Troika. Where each leads is a closely guarded secret of the centipede-like December 29, 2020 Red Rock Funeral A Scenario for use with ADF and Troika or whatever else you might want. I’m not your dad. Where the red sand becomes red rock a settlement, Ignear,