Published Works and Downloads

&&&&&&&&& Treasure with REDACTED, Rayify and Jarrett Crader Physical PDF

The Isle with Micah Anderson and Jared Sinclair US UK

Volume 2: Monsters & with REDACTED and Jarrett Crader US itch

Black Knights with Jarrett Crader and David Hoskins US UK

Postcards from Cable Street an anthology collection UK/RoW US

Laudanum Drinkers with Micah Anderson & Jarrett Crader itch

Acid Death Fantasy - for Troika! with Jarrett Crader, David Hoskins & Christian Kessler UK US itch

Mothership: Gradient Descent with Nick Tofani, Jarrett Crader & Sean McCoy print&pdf

Mothership: A Pound of Flesh with Sean McCoy, Donn Stroud & Jarrett Crader print&pdf

Best Left Buried: Behind Closed Doors with David Wilkie dtrpg print&pdf

Broken System with Alex Chambers itch

Fever Swamp with Jarrett Crader, Andrew Walter and Christian Kessler itch print&pdf

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