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Alternative to Boasts

Working on something else, but still unhappy with XP or milestones as normally constructed.


There are three criteria for improvement - only the highest is considered. Each rank’ grants +1HD and +1 to-hit. For example, a character with 200 loyal men, wearing 3000sp of equipment and knowing 1 technique gains +3HD and +3 to-hit.


For each 100 soldiers loyal to the character. Lords who are loyal contribute half their fighting force to this number. For example, if Lord Gearing commands 200 soldiers and swears loyalty to the character, they have the loyalty of 100 soldiers for the purposes of Lordship.


For each 1000sp of value worn by the character. Trophies, armours and weapons taken from monsters count as 500sp per HD they had in life - if taken by force.


For each esoteric technique known.
These are both martial and magical.

Esoteric Techniques

Stance of the Destroyer

Remove one of your hands to assume the Stance of the Destroyer. Twelve arms, six maimed, six bearing weapons, surround the warrior like a cloud of flies. Those in this stance make 7 attacks per turn, and all successful blows deal maximum damage. Once their enemies lay dead and cooling, the stance is exited.

The Infinite Grace of the Patient Lord

By taking pilgrimmage to the three Golden Temples, one is able to experience some small glimpse of the Infinite Grace of the Patient Lord. A gentle benediction is carried in their breath when next speaking the sacred syllable - those receiving this blessing having their wounds sealed and bodies purified. All breathed upon heal 2d6 damage and are purified of all natural diseases and poisons. By speaking the syllable, the Infinite Grace is lost - the pilgrimmage must be repeated. The pilgrim does not benefit from this Technique.

The Gnawing

The sorcerer must first keep upon them a sealed container, filled with carnivorous ground-beetles. This nascent swarm must be fed a sliver of ginger-root each day for at least 2 months. When the sorcerer identifies their target and releases the swarm, they seek the unfortunate and burrow into their orifices. They must make a Physique save: those successful taking 4d6 damage, and those failing dying. The progeny of the swarm, laid within the corpse, will seek the sorcerer in 3 days. They cannot cross water.

Banishing Strike

This technique requires a whip made from a stingray tail, torn from the living creature by the prospective wielder. When in the presence of a malicious spell, the whip twitches. The wielder may attempt to strike the spell from the air, treating it as AC 3. If successful, the effect is cancelled. Alternatively, the wielder may try and reverse the spell back upon the caster - this requiring a strike against AC 0. The whip can only be used once per day.

Warding Strike

This technique requires a whip made from a stringray tail, left for a week in a shrine or temple. When successfully striking supernatural beasts, it deals 1d3 damage and causes them to test Morale.

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