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June 21, 2023 Inhuman Violence 2 As is the nature of horror media, it’s time for sequel. I’ve been running a Delta Green campaign using Violence for a little while now, and I’ve run April 16, 2023 Alternative to Boasts Working on something else, but still unhappy with XP or milestones as normally constructed. There are three criteria for improvement - only the May 25, 2022 Warding A continuation of the system outlined here and used within Wolves Upon the Coast. The base Warding save represents an innate protection against ill February 21, 2022 Invocations to a Flame First ally to man and the enabler of thought, Mother Fire dances in the mind and veins. Those born in or travelling to the uttermost East where the August 10, 2021 Boasts Take a black, wide-nibbed marker. Destroy all references to character levels and XP. Copy out the below into the margins of your rulebook. A April 2, 2021 Violence Been tooling about with a fast, nasty system for violence resolution and then I stumbled on this Update 11/10/2021 - as a number of people have February 27, 2021 Magic Outside of Levels Effects beyond the mundane are achieved through the invocation of properties or through pacts with the supernatural. The knowledge of these rituals February 8, 2021 Wealth is What You See Remove XP gain. Instead, your level is determined by the wealth you carry/are accompanied by. Obviously, this quickly becomes impossible if it’s all April 16, 2020 A Weapon is not a Tool fuckin about with a heavily houseruled OD&D for no particular reason. No thieves, no clerics, magic users powered by Wonder and Wickedness the issue