February 21, 2022 odnd rules

Invocations to a Flame

First ally to man and the enabler of thought, Mother Fire dances in the mind and veins.

Those born in or travelling to the uttermost East where the land is flat and the wind has teeth of frost still remember how to speak to Fire.

Those with the kenning may ask a fire to be born in their palm, may ask a fire to increase in size, allow passage, to jump incredible distances or to die.

When asking Fire for something, roll for Reaction. Modify this roll accordingly:

  • Requests to increase, multiply, jump and dance are at +1.
  • Requests to decrease, recoil and abstain are at -1.
  • Requests to be born or die are unmodified.

Offerings can be made to a Fire. Only one of these may apply - a greater gift renders the lesser insignificant.

  • +1 for a 1 HD sacrifice.
  • +2 for 5 HD sacrifice.
  • +1 for a sacrifice worth 500sp.
  • +2 for a sacrifice worth 2000sp.
2d6 Reaction
2- Hostile
3-5 Negative Inclination
6-8 Disinterested
9-11 Positive Inclination
12+ Friendly

A Hostile reaction is a violent rejection, the Fire likely to bite or actively do the opposite.
A Negative reaction is a non-committal rejection. Further attempts are at -2 with this Fire.
A Disinterested reaction requires a Sacrifice, but no further roll.
A Positive reaction is an agreement to the request.
A Friendly reaction is eager acceptance. Further requests are at +2 with this Fire.

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