July 12, 2023 pariah

Pariah Hexfills

These are the hexfills I used for my Pariah game. You can see how the minimal hexfills get used in the play reports.

The Map - you probably want to open this up big. I didn’t fill them all in, but had rough ideas for each area.The Map - you probably want to open this up big. I didn’t fill them all in, but had rough ideas for each area.

The Hills

1203: Learned shamanic baboon with 14 human captives. Flint mine.
1303: Hunters stash - 6 javelins, 2 bows, 10 arrows.
1304: Entrance to Cave Network. Bears give way to Earth.
1205: Spirits which appear as dried mudmen with blood mouths. They can be fed blood for control - banished by seawater.
1305: As 1205.
1405: Giant burrowing beehive. Offering shrine, disused.
1306: Domed huts of ground-nesting bird hunter tribe. Jackalwere nearby.
1406: Wolf lair. Sorcerors sage abundant in cave mouth.
1207: Settlement of 32 raiders, send out bands of 2d6. Lair of Zoanthrope-Wolves (secret society lodge)

Northern Pines

0501: Auroch ground guaranteed by the skywalking spirit. Burial caves, 3 ancestor ghosts, runes of protection.
0601: Auroch hunter camp, 12. Healing tree - sap cures disease.
0701: A Witch who can speak to insects. Her mind is all exoskeleton.
0801: Dog Eating Society Lodge, 18 members.
1001: Catoblepas. Village of 89, watched by 8 ghouls who follow the Catoblepas.
1101: 22 Alpine Apes carry a Stone of Degeneration. Bitter, envious.
0602: Rotting Lio, filled with flint spear heads. Lairs in ruined lodge.
1202: 13 coastal Glaucon. Sun Eagle Spirit.
0503: Malevolent spirit, floating dessicated squid. Abandoned clay pit.
0603: Stinging, sulphourous water. 3 Giant Toads.
0703: Blood Drink and 2 Cursed. Tree, thrice-struck by lightning.
0803: Huge would-be Moose God and 13 humans who drink her milk.
0903: Self-Burial pits to feed disease to the Plague Tree.
1103: Empty.

The Mountains

0901: Voice of the Mountain, Genius Loci. A Sorceror who would tame it, wearing a protective amulet.
0702: 12 Pariahs in hardscrabble caves. One is a Bonesword Disciple.
0802: Giant Spider guards the path. Loose shale means poor footing.
0902: A snowman stands alone.
1002: Clean stream runs pure. Winds seek purchase. No plants to burn for heat.
1102: Llama herds, predated by a Nameless One who corrupts their host Wolf Pack.

Mixed Forest

1003: Looping paths - easy to get lost. Sick wolf. 12 hunter-gatheres, nomadic.
0804: Lightning spirit in tree it half-killed. 39 Burrow Dwellers. 3 Giant Spiders.
0904: Blood Drinker and 2 Cursed. Tangling vines.
1004: Rich fungal blooms. Myconid intelliugence - utterly inhuman.
1104: Very deep river. Giant bee hive - 262.
1204: River Rapids. 42 in a fishing village - salmon.
0805: Posion fruit. Witch demands monkey brains.
0905: 257 giant ants. Old hunter’s traps remain.
1005: Sorceror with filed teeth. Wolf Graveyard, undisturbed.
1106: Spirit-breaker Stone. 14 in Shaman Lodge.


1506: Disease carrying Saltflies. Stone with a Bound Spirit.
1606: Giant Catfish. Giant crab, uses corpses as bait.
1706: Sinkhole. Visited by nearby village who live in a Sea Cave - 18.
1307: Boat-people, 38. Crocodile god, filled with spirits. 9 ghouls.
1407: 5 Glaucon form a hunting party. Following the boat people.
1507: Dawn Spirits, proto-sirens.
1607: Rotting Sea Giant set about by four There Spirits. Giant leeches, gorged on Giant Blood.
1707: Ghost: drowned child. Beckons down. Gather the bones to grant rest.
1308: Stilt-house fishers, 24. two bands of swamp gibbons (13 & 17) - one group holds a child of the fishers hostage.

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