July 23, 2021 treasure

15. Dominion Reap

A thick gold band set with pearls, emeralds, rubies and diamonds. Between them, elephants, leopards and bears in silver cavort. Compels others to speak in the wearer’s language - even if they do not know it, tongues twitch to form alien words.

July 22, 2021

Encounter Roles

Types of encounters found on an encounter table, assuming the standard encounter check” procedure.
n.b. a single encounter will fulfil many of these. Boundaries are fuzzy.

  • Dangerous Encounters - provide cost’ or risk’ to taking your time in the dungeon. Drives riskier decision making.
  • Information Delivery - inform the characters about something. The lower levels are flooded b/c these skeletons are wet.” The orcs are running away from something.” Megasnakes hunt in pairs.”
  • Consequences - the encounter table shows the results of character actions somehow. This can be achieved through absence - e.g. there are no more goblins left.
  • Immersion - increasing the thickness” of the atmosphere of a place, area. Reiterating the vibe, adding texture.
  • Resource Drain - contentious, and not one I like - but those who use encounter checks to manage light and food might consider this a type.
    • This can also include encounters which are trivial if you have the right item, like planks to cross a pit. In the case that you don’t, they do something else:
  • Blockers - force players to re-evaluate choices. The way is blocked, the street is closed, the unkillable monster is lurking over there. Sometimes can be mitigated, becoming more of a Resource Drain.

Something I’ve been doing with encounters is combining them into a single roll, rather then check-and-then-roll. The advantage of this is one less roll, although you then have less ability to modify the encounter chance which might be pertinent to you (e.g. stinky food doubles encounters) - although this can be achieved by halving the check interim.

Dungeons usually have a 1-in-6 or a 2-in-6 chance - so just have a d100 table with 17+ as No Encounter (or add a bunch of pure Immersion” encounters without reducing your chances of a more interactive encounter).

In cities, you’re more likely to want a big table of stuff that mostly avoids the Dangerous Encounters since time pressure is (usually) less of a thing.

July 16, 2021

Volume 2: Monsters & Released

For those who come direct-to-source:

Volume 2: Monsters & is out and available from EF for physical and itch.io for PDF.

A collection & expansion of those monster posts I’ve been doing.

June 29, 2021 magic items odnd

2. Child of Stone

Within the earth things grow. The earth does not love all of them equally. Some are banished.
Upon the lava plains they can be found - an armful of stone, egg-shaped, the rejected child of stone. Without the warm embrace of the earth, they dream, hoping to escape their isolation.
Bathed in molten lead, they awaken, and can be queried. They can act as tutors and sages - but all their knowledge is bitter.

Difficulty 1. Spells: Animate Dead, Baleful Polymorph, Curse, Circle of Protection(The Elements), Cloudkill, Fireball, Move Earth, Stone to Flesh.

Magical grimoires reward repeated study. Each has a difficulty score. This is how many weeks of study it requires before a spell is wrested from the grimoire. If your game is slower, this is weeks of intensive study. Pulpier games may allow study at camp to count.

June 25, 2021 odnd

Plus Three Versus

Magic weapons carry the legacy of the wielder.

To make a weapon +1 versus a specific type, kill one hundred of them with that weapon. Give the weapon a name.

To make a weapon +2 versus a specific type, kill two hundred of them with that weapon.

To make a weapon +3 versus a specific type, kill three hundred of them with that weapon.

No estimation is permitted. The count must be exact.

Weapons with specialist manufacture (e.g. forged by the extinct giants, quenched in venom) may halve these requirements.

To make a weapon +1 versus all types, kill a thousand with that weapon.

June 24, 2021

House of the Perishing Worm - Free Adventure

Finished something that I didn’t like but was taking up brainspace regardless. Now it’s yours - grab it here.
put in a page because it’s big and ugly - there’s a pdf link in there which isn’t much better.

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