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Pariah Session 6 - Play Report

After a 6 week hiatus due to some real-life shenanigans.

Use the tags to find previous and for some more details. Hex fills used this session:

  • Llama herds, predated upon by Nameless One in wolf pack.

Awaking after their psychedelic experiences, the Band saw that the weather had improved. They decided to climb the nearest mountain to get visibility over the area, building a rope ladder from their rope and bundle of sticks. Blue-Grove Hairy Auroch led the band to the peak without incident.

Creating a tool and having a developed skill in climbing meant no need to roll in this situation.

From these heights they saw several clearings, one with smoke rising from it and a strange mound of earth in the far distance, immense to be visible at such a distance. As the light began to fade, they decided to move towards the smokeless clearing to the north-east. Descending the mountain, they sought a cave in which to spend the night. Idle Quiet came face to face with a bedraggled nude figure, who they immediately terrified with their eyes and dispatched, throwing their corpse down the mountain as the rest of the Band settled in.

They made a small fire before setting up watches. During the second watch, Blue Fallen heard strange mewling sounds coming from above the cave entrance. Awakening Idle-Quiet and Golden Other, they tied a rope to a rock and threw it forwards to bait out whatever lurked above. A huge leonine form with bat-wings and a tail protruding spikes leapt upon the rock. Blue Fallen charged in and scored a crushing blow to the back of the creatures skull, causing it to immediately flee. As it took flight, Idle-Quiet and Blue-Fallen launched their weapons at the flying creature, Idle-Quiet’s weapon becoming lodged in the haunch. Golden Other leapt upon the flying beast, only just managing to grab hold of the tail. The tail began to twitch, so Golden Other bit the creature in the testicles, tearing one clean off. The pain too much for the monster, it crashed to the ground and died. The Band descended upon the beast and began butchering it, discovering its distressingly human face.

This combat had a lot of improvised checks and rolls - suiting a dynamic situation. This involved allowing Golden Other to decide if they wanted to risk the fall damage or cling on as the manticore prepared to fire its tail into her chest - at which point she had the idea to attack with her teeth.

They recovered 5 of the strange spikes from its tail, carved off the mane to make a ruff and extract the claws as trade goods. As a celebration, the Band decided to once again drink the puffball tea, all but Golden Other deciding to partake.

Their journey to the other world was fraught - as they left material reality behind, entering the infinite dark corridors of the Beyond, they were waylaid by horrible beasts with the forms of lobsters and soft pillowy flesh. These began stealing fragments of the Band with their strange, fleshy pincers until Blue-Grove chose to protect their flock. In so doing, their very name was stolen, leaving them Nameless until their bound Leopard spirit intervened, saving their name (and thereby their soul) but perishing in the process. In this chaos, the Band was separated.

This was the result of a huge dose and not-quite good enough Entheogens check and a failed Poison save. The Leopard sacrificing itself was instead of what can be character-death.

Cunning Mountain found themselves looked after by a strange towering insect wrapped about in its own flayed flesh. It released pheromones into his bloodstream, forcibly implanting ideas as if by accident. He realised all physical reality was merely an illusionary wrapper over a roiling chaos of forms and feelings. This knowledge gave him a terrifying stare, but left him out of sync with reality - forever floating an inch off the ground.

Purple Point found their form mixed with others, leaving the infinite black corridors howling like a wolf when in pain. They then found themselves in the empty between the stars, and witnessed the crawling, slithering things that lurk between them. The stars alone fill them with a nameless fear.

Idle-Quiet was stolen away by an swollen bird-figure, eyes pouring some strange black oil the creature drank from. Over indeterminable time the thing tutored Idle-Quiet, secretly slavering over the ever-ripening mind it cultivated. In a final instant, it stole his name - his soul did not return from this trip, leaving his body a Nameless husk.

Both Blue Fallen and Blue-Grove found themselves abducted by betentacled horrors, their limbs tipped with surgical tools and self-mutilating instruments. Each was bound to some curved surface, their chests split open and squirming somethings implanted within the cavities. Each was let free to wander the black corridors after this, eventually returning home with their respective passengers.

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