February 20, 2023 wolves

2. The Screaming Rock

This is just a snippet from the upcoming update to Wolves Upon the Coast Grand Campaign.

2. The Screaming Rock

Screams, warped and amplified and distorted, echo across the waves. The strange stone of the Screaming Rock is filled with winding tunnels which resonate with human screams, broadcasting them miles around.

Atop and within the rock dwell 46 Ogres, who wish to possess all screams. The rock floats, untethered from the sea floor, seemingly magnetically attracted to inhabited coasts.

Whenever the Screaming Rock is encountered, it is either en-route to the nearest village-sized settlement (70%) or fleeing it, the hold’ filled with the population of the village, minus any killed or lucky enough to escape. The Screaming Rock is slow, travelling only 2 hexes a day.

The Ogres of Screaming Rock do not kill quickly - they lovingly coax every possible sound from their captives before devouring them, varying their diet of fleshy crabs which dwell in the flooded levels of the Rock. On average, a single captive is killed each day.

Those not currently being tortured are held in a single large vault towards the centre of the Rock, wherein some have learnt to hide and thrive across long decades in the dark wet. They prey upon their fellow prisoners, hiding the bodies and slowly consuming them over weeks. Worse than these, some come to see the music in the screams which wash over them night and day. They come to desire them. When the hold is next opened, another Ogre joins the crew.

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