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48.01 Iric of the Jar

A snippet from the forthcoming Wolves Upon the Coast update.

In the forest, a vessel is being prepared. It is a full 10’ across, made of clay enriched with ash made by burning the bones of Giants. Threads of gold and silver are woven throughout. Atop it sits Iric (3HD, Leather, Sword) clad in a voluminous multi-coloured robe.
To those who seem cautious or fearful, he explains in Norse that he has found this vessel and intends to await the owner to determine it’s purpose.
To those who seem mercenary, he offers work - the vessel requires a glaze of storied blood. For each Human or Giant Animal body with greater than 3HD, he trades one of the following:

  • One of two fragments of chisel from lost Uruk, and directions for using them to cast Passwall.
  • A set of platinum tongue-sheaths, and directions for using them to cast Speak with Animals.
  • A head-sized lump of quartz with lights dancing within. Thrown into the water, it attracts a Sea Monster. The beast eats the quartz before terrorising the area for weeks. If exposed to a storm before being thrown, it explodes within the belly of the beast, causing 8d6 damage.
  • Four of twenty oily, corroded brass coins, each worth 50sp. They depict ziggurats.

After 20HD worth of bodies have been brought to him, he casts Magic Jar, stripping naked and climbing into the vessel, sealing it behind him with a lid of gold. In a voice resonating from the vessel, he asks to be cast into the sea. In reward for doing so, he leaves them any unclaimed rewards above and his material components - they have left in his robe.

Iric is able to cast the following spells - in human form, he has the noted number of components. Once in the vessel, he transcends the need for components, and can cast all once per day. Animate Dead (1), Colour Spray (2), Hold Person (1), Lightning Bolt (2), Water Breathing (5).

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