February 8, 2021 odnd rules

Wealth is What You See

Remove XP gain. Instead, your level is determined by the wealth you carry/are accompanied by. Obviously, this quickly becomes impossible if it’s all in coins. Instead, buy shit.

  • Engraved and bejewelled weapons.
  • The finest clothes from the fanciest cloth.
  • Horses of the noblest pedigree (despite having no mechanical advantage).
  • Your own band singing your praises.
  • A really extravagant hat.
  • So many rings.
  • Capes.
  • Perfume.

Alternatively, this can be another form of carousing. I think a Thinking Adventure * system with a large body of XP gaining activity is interesting - I really don’t like Milestone XP but broadening out the scope of the game could still have value - players all vote for 5 mechanisms for XP gain out of a set of 20 or something.

*OSR if you’re boring.

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