April 2, 2021 rules guns


Been tooling about with a fast, nasty system for violence resolution and then I stumbled on this


To shoot someone, roll 16+ on a d20.
If they are in cover, roll twice and take the lower result.
If firing multiple shots, add +1 per additional shot. If successful, roll for how many shots find their mark. Resolve each bullet individually.
Training or surprise will add to this roll.

If someone is shot, roll a d20.

  • Add +2 to the roll for each Injury they have.
  • Pistol-calibres add +2 to this roll.
  • Rifles-calibres add +4 to this roll.
  • Shotguns add +5 at close ranges and +2 at medium.

If the result is 10 or more, they go Down. Otherwise, they are Injured.


Both combatants roll a d12 and add relevant modifiers.

  • If the difference between them is 4 or less, both are Injured and go Down.
  • If the difference is 5-6, the high-scored is Injured. The low-scorer is Injured and goes Down.
  • Is the difference is 7+, the low-scored is Injured and goes Down.


After the violence is concluded, roll a d20 for each person Down. Add +2 for each Injury. On a 10+, they are dead. Otherwise, they are Critically Injured and will die without medical attention.

Edge Cases


Resolve as Shooting against all in the blast radius.

  • Those in the kill-zone add +8 to the roll and receive 1d6 Injuries.
  • Those in the shrapnel-zone add +4 to the roll and receive 1d6-2 Injuries.
  • Those in the tertiary-zone roll normally.


When firing to suppress, no roll is required.

I’d probably combine this with modified CONSIM initiative b/c atm I don’t know how Suppression figures in to this.

basically keep it fast and put the drama on getting hit rather than the damage is the goal here, without skimping on that part. for a wargamier feel i’d just have Down as dead no fuss no muss but this is already a hard sell for most

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