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January 3, 2022 SRD Behold: 1d4 Encounter 1 2d20 Bandits 2 3d8 Giant Ants 3 4d6 Orcs 4 2d6 Wolves On the face of it, there is nothing here. Flat, boring November 29, 2021 No Rules No Rulings When running Wolves Upon the Coast, a situation arose - the players wanted to train the griffon chicks they had adopted (stolen). There is nothing October 15, 2021 Using Markdown and Pandoc to Make RPG Documents for Free This is a rough guide. If you do some googling you can get a lot more detailed information about any of the steps or components - this is focused on September 14, 2021 Techniques to Write Adventures There’s a random adventure jam you could join! Obviously these will not work for everyone, are not universal and is very incomplete. This is the September 6, 2021 2d20 Bandits On an encounter table, the entry 2d20 Bandits pulls a lot of work. Bandits are human beings. This makes them harder to deal with - when you lean in