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January 2, 2022 28.16 Dead Godling The trees on Hlesey grow perversely thick, forming corded walls of bark and wood. Fleshy leaves droop, eager to stroke exposed heads. Without a map, October 19, 2021 17.17 Desecrated Monastery From Wolves Upon the Coast Grand Campaign Within the woods an L-shaped ruin which has not been allowed to fall. Stones, cracked, filled with roots August 18, 2021 03.09 Donenashoe For use with Volume 2: Monsters & only. The forests in this hex have swathes of damage through them, forming bands of growth. An abundance of deer May 6, 2021 A Home Beyond the sun-bleached fence, cacti pulp steams. Spent rifle shells - six of them - sit in the recently disturbed dust. A lean-to stable has a