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03.09 Donenashoe

For use with Volume 2: Monsters & only.

The forests in this hex have swathes of damage through them, forming bands of growth. An abundance of deer eat the many fresh shoots.

This crumbling pile is haunted by Llamon, a Juggernaut. She has four legs of ridged stone, and a body of thick, shaggy fur twined with a parasitic bramble. Small, weak eyes have a dull orange glow. If intruders are spotted entering Donenashoe, she will clumsily chase them, further devastating the ruins. She will pursue as far as adjacent hexes before slowly returning. If the belly of Llamon is split open, her guts tumble out and she dies slowly. Her moans will shake the hills.

The remaining ruins are made of stone, quarried in Albann and carved to a style from over the seas. Within squat 198 Goblins. They covet man-made goods - wearing scraps of fabric as status symbols.

Each Turn, there is a 2-in-6 chance of encountering 4d6 Goblins. Roll reaction each time, unless Goblin corpses are present.

For each Turn spent searching, 3d6sp in coins and baubles can be found by searching the buildings.

The centre of the city is dominated by a Temple. Moving towards it, the streets begin to fill with perfect marble statues of Goblins. The Temple is structurally sound, but has been heavily defaced. Statues of human warriors cluster around it, faces full of fear. It contains a Medusa. The wealth inside is undisturbed (Monstrous III):

  • 1000sp in mixed coins - many of heavy gold, stamped with centuries-dead emperors.
  • 500sp in still-potent religious perfumes. 5 bottles, delicate.
  • 600sp in religious icons in silver and gold - depicting eagles, bulls, wolves, cities build atop corpses, winged figures pulling up unfortunate sinners.
  • A single draft of The Sculptors Medium. (see &&&&&& Treasure)

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