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March 23, 2023 Bullet Points vs Prose Because reasons, I’m working on rewrite of Behind Closed Doors. A lot of this involves de-bullet pointing the text. Below I’ve given a side-by-side November 1, 2021 Vernacular Games Nails to whiteboards. Against design, against discussion, towards play. Discuss results. Do not discuss plans. This is not play-testing - this is May 3, 2021 Mechanisms as Abstraction Mechanisms abstract the thing they describe or simulate. This can be done to speed up play, or to make something complex more easily grasped. The April 18, 2021 Perfection Trap Date: 04/18/21 There is a common tendency to try and find the ‘best’ way to do things. The best initiative system, the best HP system, the superior March 17, 2021 Against Incentive Incentivising behaviour is bad for your game. Axiom - Most players, most of the time, will take the most optimal option. Incentives create optimal February 22, 2021 The Principles of Thinking Adventures Systems (as in ‘combat system’ not ‘system matters’) offer a trade - your freedom in exchange for something else. This trade is not always in your