February 22, 2021 thinking adventures

The Principles of Thinking Adventures

  1. Systems (as in combat system’ not system matters’) offer a trade - your freedom in exchange for something else.
  2. This trade is not always in your favour.
  3. Ask yourself why anyone would, or should, incentivize behaviour.
  4. Spit in their eye if they try it.
  5. Try and be brave.
  6. Game systems should define parameters not outcomes.
  7. Tools are preferable to mechanisms.
  8. Game content should be more meaningful than game systems. If it is not, the content is weak or the system domineering.
  9. ACAB
  10. Your loyalty is to your players, then yourself. No others.
  11. Non serviam.
  12. Justification is always required.
  13. No defaults.
  14. If you meet Luke Gearing on the road, kill him.

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