January 20, 2024

When Entering a Polity…

Whenever the PCs enter the domain of a lord, government, municipal council etc etc, roll 1d10. If this is under the average level of the PCs, they are summoned to court.

1d8 Reasons for Summons
1 Paranoia as to their reasons for being here.
2 Prospective job offer.
3 Desire of the power to associate itself with powerful and notable individuals.
4 Assessing the party as potential destabilisers of the status quo.
5 Desire of the power to assert dominance through issuing orders - with possible humiliation awaiting at court.
6 Plans to induct them into the power structure through appointment, marriage, titles etc.
7 Consequences of prior involvement with the power, its rivals or allies.
8 Confirmation of rumours about the party.
9 Throwing a feast (or other festival) to accrue honour-debt/obligation from the party. 50% chance they already have a specific use for this debt in mind.
0 Taxation, licensing or other such control mechanisms - possibly motivated by a lack of funding, or else a desire for control.

Or, you know, just roll Reaction and go with your gut.

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