Wolves Upon the Coast Hexfill Procedure

Per hex, roll a d6.

d6 Hex Contents
1-3 Nothing
4 Settlement
5 Lair
6 Weird


Roll a d6 to determine Size and Population, and an additional d6 for Notes. Cities are manually placed, and have populations in the thousands.

d6 Size Population
1-4 Village d100
5 Town d6*100
6 Fort 3d6*10
d6 Notes
1-3 Relationship to nearby hex.
4 A boon or ally.
5 Hostile.
6 Roll again & once on Weird.


A monster lairs here. Select/roll from the types present in the area, and place treasure appropriately.


Roll a d10 to determine the nature of the Weird in the hex.

d10 Weirdness
1 Geography.
2 Magical Component.
3 Strange Merchant.
4 Strange Tutor.
5 Strange Ally.
6 Animal Behaviour.
7 Clue to Nearby Hex.
8 Historical Location.
9 Treasure.
0 Roll twice and combine.