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2. Child of Stone

Within the earth things grow. The earth does not love all of them equally. Some are banished.
Upon the lava plains they can be found - an armful of stone, egg-shaped, the rejected child of stone. Without the warm embrace of the earth, they dream, hoping to escape their isolation.
Bathed in molten lead, they awaken, and can be queried. They can act as tutors and sages - but all their knowledge is bitter.

Difficulty 1. Spells: Animate Dead, Baleful Polymorph, Curse, Circle of Protection(The Elements), Cloudkill, Fireball, Move Earth, Stone to Flesh.

Magical grimoires reward repeated study. Each has a difficulty score. This is how many weeks of study it requires before a spell is wrested from the grimoire. If your game is slower, this is weeks of intensive study. Pulpier games may allow study at camp to count.

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