July 22, 2022 wolves

40.20 Berith, Beleth and Bifronze

This is just a snippet from the upcoming update to Wolves Upon the Coast Grand Campaign.

Three names for three crowns, each resting upon one head of a Chimera. It has bid its captives to build it a fort of stone, wherein it lairs and plots the capture of a third village. It is bound to follow the Rule of Threes.

36 footmen guard the fort, wearing Leather armour and wielding bows and Noos sickles. 12 stand upon the walls at any given time, 12 attending to the Chimera whilst the final 12 sleep. The Chimera responds to sounds of violence, emerging from the central structure - a single room, the walls stained and carved with encrypted calculations. Once a week, delegations from Aseja and Dirina arrive to deliver food and news.

The crown Berith, worn by the lion head, grants dominion over men’s bodies - all orders must be followed, although each must be completed before the next is given. A Warding save negates the effect, although the afflicted may try and subvert the orders through cunning.

The crown Beleth, worn by the dragon head, grants dominion over men’s minds - it can hide the real and conjure the imaginary, although all must share the delusion. A Warding save dispels the illusion for that individual - and lets them disprove it to the rest.

The crown Bifronze, worn by the goat head, grants dominion over men’s souls - it can tear the soul from a body and imprison it within itself. Those victimized can still take action, but fail all Saves until their soul is restored. A Warding save resists this effect. Breaking the crown restores all the captured souls.

Each crown can be used once per round in addition to other attacks, depending on which third of the Chimera is manifest.

Each crown is worth 10000sp. Humans may only use them once a week safely - each use thereafter requiring a Physique save to avoid death, their body shrivelled and drained.

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