June 19, 2021 treasure

5. Doubleface Drachm

Silver coins marked by two oddities - the obverse always depicts a pair of faces, each facing outwards albeit tilted away. There seems to be endless variations - implying hand-made coins or a very long run. The second oddity is on the reverse - small lines and markings implying an order but without any obvious guide. The obverse and reverse are always paired. The originating city is unknown.

If 500 unique coins can be assembled (1% chance of any two given coins being the same) and arranged, the reverse is revealed to be a map. The centre depicts a city found on no other map. You would not be the first to try and assemble the map.

Heavy silver coins. Worth 15sp, 30sp to a casual collector, 100sp to someone assembling the map.
1d6 found in many hoards - as if a curio.
Obverse - A pair of faces.
Reverse - Disorganised lines (map sections to the initiated).

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