March 5, 2021 troika background

Demiurge Assassin

Some seek Heaven through violence. This sect aim to bring violence to Heaven, and use it to kill the Demiurge.
They have spent hours poring over many tomes - and from such synthesise their creed.
To reach heaven, they must be Good.
To be Good is to forgo cruelty, spite and malice.
To be Good is to never allow the weak to be bullied by the strong.
To be Good is to make do with the humble, and to scorn the riches of the world.
Nothing in this life may be taken with them - and so their body must become the weapon.
They must die at the pinnacle of their ability - dying too soon would waste their attempt.


  • Simple Robe
  • 2d6 Incompatible Religious Icons

Advanced Skills

  • 5 Unarmed Fighting
  • 2 Charity
  • 2 Comparative Mythology

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