May 17, 2022 monster demon


A face stolen from a baboon, eyes replaced with four empty sockets of stone jutting out like goggles. A black furred body with arms which drag upon the ground, ending in long paired claws set with moss. Beneath the wiry fur scales slough free.

Within those empty sockets gleams a darkness suggestive of flame.

It appears behind dreamers and monks, and reaches over the shoulder with its loathsome arms. It offers answers and solutions. Those accepting are taken back to its lair in chains when they next sleep, the body left behind in perfect torpor. There the mind toils in pointless tasks - refilling a holed bucket with the sand that pours from it.

It cannot be banished, only ignored until it leaves of its own accord.

HD 6* / AC as Chain / Damage 1d6+1
*Supernatural HP

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