September 13, 2022

Journey to the Underelves

On Wednesday lunchtimes I’ve been running an hour-long session of OD&D megadungeon exploration known as Snackrifice. The game has been running for 23 sessions. This is some small prep.

From their outpost to the south of the Goblin Caverns (2 days by foot, as per the back-tattoo map), the city of Tanoij is 3 days downriver.

At the outpost the Underelves sell some boats to travel:

  • A huge bone formed into a dugout canoe. 500gp.
  • A shimmering, iridescent metal longship. 1000gp.
  • Twelve hollowed-out mushroom heads, roped together. 150gp.

Per 12 hour watch, there is a 2-in-6 chance of a river encounter.

1d8 Encounter
1 d4 Raider craft, each with 2d6 Crew.
2 d8*100 Bats.
3 1d4 Slimy Pike.
4 Flesh Pyramid.
5 2d4 Pink River Dolphins.
6 2d4 Giant Water Spiders.
7 Underelf River Galley.
8 Gra-Ool the White Crocodile.


Raiders are 1HD elves wearing light armour, using bows and hatchets. If they have Surprise, they have replaced their eyes with those of Stalkerbugs, able to prowl the riverways without needing light.

2-4 Crew vessels are chains of mushroom-coracles. They mostly want a new boat.
5-8 Crew vessels are rafts of immense, hollowed out shell - crustacean or arthropod. They are after wealth.
10+ Crew vessels are Underelf galleys with a ramming prow. They seek victims for sacrifice or sustenance in their cannibal colonies.


A flurry of disturbed bats has a 10% chance of extinguishing naked flames per 100 bats. In the resultant darkness, all must Save vs Petrification to avoid falling into the black waters.

Slimy Pike

HD 5 / AC as Chain / Fires spines which cause a Save vs Poison - those failing are subject to horrific muscle cramps, acting only every other turn and drowning in falling into the water.

Flesh Pyramid

HD 20 / AC as Unarmoured / No Attack

From the depths a pyramid of flesh, mind-consumed victims clinging to the rough-textured form, suckling at loathsome tubes for air. Some 30’ tall, it attempts to psionically consume the mind of all nearby. Per Round, all witnessing the Pyramid must Save vs Spells - those failing losing 1 Wisdom. Any reaching 0 are hollowed out and bound to its will.

It has 3d12 current victims, all of whom are 1HD creatures with unarmoured AC. They carry ropes of corded fishgut. The Flesh Pyramid moves slowly, but the victims swim like Olympians, their bones and muscles audibly complaining.

Pink River Dolphins

Pink river dolphin. I hate them so much.
HD3 / AC as Leather
Attempt to grab and drown any near the edge of the boat. Failing this, knock against the edge to either capsize or to incur another encounter. Laugh like children.

Giant Water Spiders

HD 4+4 / AC as Leather+Shield

Giant spiders that walk across the surface of the water. Thankfully, they are not venomous. Unfortunately, they do spin webs across the width of the undeground river to ensnare prey. Victims of the web are ensnared for 8 rounds, reduced by 1 for each point of Strength over 10.

Underelf River Galley

Underelf River Galleys from Tanoij are crewed by 24 1+1HD Underelves wearing their Beetle Plate armour with full-face mandible-masks and conical helms. They wield pole arms and bows. Hostile reaction indicates intention to board and inspect for any illegal products being smuggled to/from Tanoij.

Gra-Ool, the White Crocodile

HD 10 / AC as Plate / 2d6 Damage

An immense white crocodile, burdened with trinkets of stone and gold. Accompanied by 23 Kobolds who worship him as a god and ride upon his back, clad in his shed scales and wielding his cracked teeth. They are not wrong, although he is a petty god indeed. Hunger and malice rule a brain which saw the stars fall and empires crumble. Sacrifice forgoes consumption entire - but bickering as to who is the offering enrages him.

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