May 8, 2021 western

Six Shooters

All of the below should be treated however you treat revolvers.

  1. Huge, pitted iron revolver. Pulling the trigger tires the finger. Roars when it fires - louder than a gun should be. Has marks on the grip that you did not make.
  2. Made of many different guns - a true jury-rig weapon. Sharp, snappy barks. Gets hot - like a frying pan left on the stove for too long. You could not identify the constituent elements if you tried.
  3. Sawn-off revolving rifle. Barely held together with twine, and has a modified chamber to down-size the calibre. Sounds like a cannon.
  4. Small, black-lacquer with the lightest pull. Hand-made, hand-carved, hand-weighted - and not for you. Pulls to the left ever so slightly. Hard, packed shots which hurt the ears more than most.
  5. Full of dirt. You can take it to pieces, wash it and put it back together again - but it will still be filthy. Muted report.
  6. Everything buttery smooth - almost to fault. You can barely feel the mechanical action. The sound leaves no questions however. Like an eager dog on the hunt, nostrils full of prey.

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