August 19, 2022 violence

The Inhuman Violence

Update: 03/04/2023 - Endurance is now a single soak which ignores Down and Injury results.

Impossible beings respond differently to violence.

To Hit

Any modifiers to attempts to shoot the Inhuman.


A target number the Inhuman uses for ranged attacks, and modifiers to roll to determine if those hit are Down.


The dice the Inhuman rolls.


How many Injuries and Down results may be ignored before they accumulate normally.

Black Hound

A face shredded like a bouquet of flowers, wrapped in black plastic and left by the side of the road. Behind this disaster a long body of taut flesh over many-knuckled bones, flexing and moving independently. There are too many legs.

From ridges and tears in the real the hounds emerge, silent, ignoring any gravity or terrain. The unfortunate notice that each leg terminates in a human hand, some with rings.

They hunt those who survived initial breach events, marked for death. They are left as dust, all moisture driven from them. Electronic devices cannot perceive them, although they trigger moisture-sensitive systems.

To Hit -4 (Speed)
Shooting N/A
Melee 2d8. Always causes 1 Injury regardless of result.
Endurance 5

2d6 Appearing. If killed, bodies rapidly liquefy, leaving only purified water.

The Ogre

(Of course, this also works for fantasy creatures)

To Hit +2 (Size)
Shooting 18+ / +5 (Thrown Stone)
Melee 3d6. All Injuries inflicted count as Down.
Endurance 10

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