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Two Magic Items

I hate magic items.

Mosquito Cloak

Clothed in wing and leg, seeking proboscis fastens the garment tight. Insects are unhappy to swarm this closely, and make this distaste known in the insistent buzzing. One wearing the Mosquito Cloak is either cursed or has set aside comfort in their pursuit of something beyond the human. The fact they wear any garment at all reveals how far they have to go before crossing the threshold.

The wearer is protected equivalent to plate, but with none of the disadvantages.
Unless they have augmented their senses, they are unable to see details or hear anything quiet through the linked swarm.

Worthless - anyone who wants it would just kill you for it instead.

Wisdom Teeth

A cloth bag, filled with 1d4-1 dirty, yellowed teeth. They are only recognisable as such from the material - the shapes are wrong, the ridges inconsistent. Holding them in your hand, they are always warm.
Through dentistry, one could try and force one into their mouth, needing to remove 1d4 teeth to make space. Human gums are too eager to accept these visitors - healing only takes a week, spent spitting blood. Each tooth has a random effect, usable once a day.

d8 Effect
1 Speak to vermin, as defined by the culture of the host.
2 Spit a venom which causes bloody vomiting for several days before recovery. A mouthful is enough to taint a village well.
3 Unerringly know where the nearest sacrificial altar is.
4 By tasting a mouthful of soil, knows who has passed over it in the past 24 hours, and in which direction.
5 By hyperventilating to the point of collapse, induce a thick fog in the local area.
6 Command candles and torches to extinguish themselves. The princely lantern and haughty fireplace refuse.
7 Knowledge where and when the next lightning bolt will strike in the area.
8 An authority amongst the spirits of wild places - enough to demand an audience, not enough to guarantee safety after that.

One with these teeth in their mouth is sure to be burnt as a witch, if discovered. Despite this, worth 2500sp each to jaded nobles and furtive practitioners.

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