January 16, 2023 not games


Every time you are about to use your computer for something, you must first record it in USER.LOG. This is a physical lined notebook stored near the computer.

The format is DATE - TIME - PURPOSE - LENGTH. The LENGTH is an estimate of how long you’ll be on the computer for. Keep the purpose specific. Once you’ve completed your PURPOSE, or your time is up, you must add a new entry to USER.LOG before continuing.


  • Do not use shorthand or abstract terms. Be specific and concrete.
  • Do not make USER.LOG a digital file.
  • Do not use this notebook for other things. Ideally it should be a cheap, nasty one you already have hanging around.
  • The goal here isn’t to read back the log and feel bad - it’s to stop you wasting time and getting annoyed at yourself in the first instance.
  • You could have browse the internet” as your purpose, but I’d suggest against it - or limiting your LENGTH severely.

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