January 12, 2023 wolves

Belgic Wickermen

This is just a snippet from the upcoming update to Wolves Upon the Coast Grand Campaign.

Belgic Wickermen are Golems made of ensorcelled branches, woven into a 15’ tall humanoid form. They are powered by the living humans trapped within them, having HD equal to these prisoners - although always fighting as a 8HD creature. They are able to borrow the voices of those trapped within them.

41.24 Aunios

Aunios sprawls out into the ocean, hemmed in by its palisade walls and ditches maintained for generations. 65 call it home, living off the sea and their toll upon the road - 5sp a head. Such a toll does not allow access - this requires the relinquishment of weapons.

Orbissa (3HD, Maille, Bow, Sword) sits upon the stone throne of Aunios by right of combat, her predecessor and uncle buried some five years. She is much beloved by the people, her youth and vigour fêted. She brooks no insult to her power - to those showing decorum, she asks for aid. A Belgic Wickerman, sent from parts unknown, guards the road to the south. Her court priest, Ambilli (2HD, Maille, Spear, dedicated to Cernunnos), has been unable to command it away. To those able to destroy it, or drive it away, she offers 1000sp in the bronze coins of The Marches.

Where the jetties lick the sea, a crone, Divogenia (1HD) sleeps in an abandoned cart. Her biting wit and puerile imagination are well-known - her origin a secret. To one who would give her a horse, she acts an advisor. She knows many Wards, but only metes out her knowledge as needed. She knows of Betony, a Chant praising the deeds Ludeks which protects against illusions and mind-affecting magics, Cowslip, the creation of a Gargoyle-charms featuring the face of bearded serpent, Hazel, Hellebore, the skulls of horses, Rosemary, Rue and Yarrow.

10 footmen, 12 skirmishers plus 4 fishing boats.

41.25 Punitive Wickerman

Upon the road stands a lone Belgic Wickerman, filled with 6 living souls, screaming for release. It permits none to pass without offering - one human, scooped up and placed within its chest to join the chorus. If given Divogenia, it returns to 39.32, although it does not know her name.

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