January 4, 2023

The Toothed Wind

Man brought fire with them but they found the Toothed Wind waiting. Some have learnt its language of screams and howls, and are able to invoke it. Others have opened themselves up to it, letting a little of the wind dwell within the hollow places of their chests. When they howl, it is with the full force of the Toothed Wind.

Those left exposed to it are chewed as by beasts of the land, leaving only scoured bones which are taboo to handle. A blade made of such bone kills like a rabid dog, but treats the wielder likewise.

No sacrifice pleases the Toothed Wind - it is aimless, irrepressible desire. Possessions and offerings only remind it of hunger, of what it does not have. How can one satiate a wind? Evoking it requires first-hand knowledge of its bite.

A maximum roll on the encounter dice represents an encounter with the Toothed Wind. Those outside take 1d6 damage per round. Those reduced to exactly 0 HP are left alive, gaining the ability to exhale the Toothed Wind - dealing 2d6 damage to all in a 20’ cone before them, and taking the larger d6 of damage themselves. The wind blows for d20 rounds.

Gnawed Bone Blades cause a save vs poison when they strike true. If the victim passes, the wielder must save in turn. Failure in either case results in death.

Those who have taken damage from the Toothed Wind are able to try and evoke it when outside. Roll Reaction:

2d6 Reaction
2- Hostile
3-5 Negative Inclination
6-8 Disinterested
9-11 Positive Inclination
12+ Friendly

Any result but Disinterest summon the Toothed Wind, which squalls and bites all in the area for d20 rounds.

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